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The Nominees Are!

On Saturday, April 23rd, EDM artists will be recognized for their hard work this past year at the ‘Electronic Music Awards & FOundation.’ This year, the Electronic Music Awards & Foundation will take place at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles and will be the genre’s first nationally-televised awards show.

This year’s show includes categories such as “Single of the Year,” “Album of the Year,” “Radio Show of the Year,” “Festival of the Year,” “DJ of the Year,” “Best New Artist” and “Best Club of the Year.”

Paul Duddridge, Executive Producer from TV4 Entertainment said that “the nominees reflect dance music trends on a global level bringing together DJs, producers, clubs and brands that represent a wide range of genres.”

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Don Diablo- On My Mind

“On My Mind” has been officially released on Spinnin’. Although the track was just released, Don Diablo has given us a preview of the tune on his Hexagon Radio Episodes over the past several weeks. The track features catchy lyrics, uplifting chord progressions, as well as Don Diablo’s signature house sound. Check out this single as well as Don Diablo’s Hexagon Radio Episodes on SoundCloud.





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VÉRITÉ – Wasteland (Gabe Almeda Remix)

Victory! When you find a track on SoundCloud that no one has yet to uncover, it feels pretty damn good. Out of the City of Brotherly Love, Gabe Almeda is the newest young talent to catch my ear and blow my mind. His remix of “Wasteland” by VÉRITÉ is one of the best progressive house tracks I’ve heard in a while. It’s so big, so beautiful, and so uplifting that I think I stopped working because I was in shock for a second. Check it out for yourself, and grab the free download when it blows you away.






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